How US ARMS Came About

In 2015, our local IDPA club ran a carbine match just for kicks. Word got out and on the night of the match, we had over 30 shooters show up! It is a credit to the match directors that they were able to keep the match organized, safe and moving. Needless to say, it appeared the format was quite popular so Ron Cliborn started looking around for an established sport that we could bring in for our shooters. What he found though, was that there wasn't anything out there and, being the resourceful, go-getter that he is, he created the US Action Rifle Match Society!

Spending the next few months writing a rule book, designing stages, "play-testing" matches and, in general, working like crazy, Ron, Bill, Dan and Eugene got US ARMS ready for the public. Governor's Gun Club in Hiram, Georgia was the scene of our first match, and boy, did we learn a lot (especially about the muzzle offset)! Even with the hiccups and "on the spot" rule changes, that match confirmed the belief that this was a sport with great potential.

Ron Cliborn - President

Ron Cliborn began competitive shooting in 1985 shooting collegiate small bore rifle and skeet. After college, career and family demands took Ron out of competitive shooting; however he continued to enjoy recreational shooting. In 2010, Ron returned to competitive shooting and joined IDPA. Wanting to contribute back to the sport he enjoyed, Ron became an IDPA Safety Officer and Match Director.

In 2015 many of the shooters Ron shot with expressed an interest in shooting an "action rifle" type of sport. Ron looked for an "action rifle" sport to join and found there nothing available. Necessity being the mother of invention, Ron recruited a few friends and founded the United States Action Shooting Match Society or US ARMS.

What Ron lacks in talent he makes up for with enthusiasm and love of the sport.

Ron Cliborn Photo
Bill Hammilton Photo

Bill Hammilton - Chief Executive Officer

Bio Coming Soon!

Dan Humphreys - Executive Safety Officer

Dan is the US ARMS Executive Safety Officer and has been shooting competitively since December 2012. Dan holds an Expert classification is US ARMS and a classification of Master or higher in all IDPA Divisions and is an IDPA Safety Officer. Dan achieved his goal of becoming an IDPA Distinguished Master in 2015 and a 2-Gun DM at the 2016 IDPA National Championships where he won the Revolver Division.

Dan is a NRA Life Member, NRA Instructor, Glock Certified Armorer and Instructor, a member of GSSF and Georgia Carry. When he isn’t shooting or running his companies, Georgia Gun and Ammo and Georgia Brass LLC, he enjoys spending time with his wife Sarah and sons Chase and Jack.

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Eugene Thompson Photo

Eugene Thompson - Executive Technology Officer

A long and varied career as a software engineer provided Eugene with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage appropriate technologies in the creation and expansion of US ARMS. As a lifelong shooter and 2nd Amendment supporter, Eugene is able to combine his loves for technology and shooting sports as the US ARMS Executive Technology Officer.

He is incredibly thankful for the support and love of his wife Tracy and daughter Liberty (a US ARMS Junior Shooter!).